Liboc Tulsi Drops

Liboc Tulsi Drops a liquid extract of five types of tulsi i.e. Ram Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Van Tulsi, Kapoor Tulsi and Shuki Tulsi in very effective proportion. Tulsi has many benefits and has natural health curing features and helpful for all types of Allergies. It has super natural immunity booster and helpful in Respiratory Disorders. It has beneficial effect providing relaxation to body and mind. The intake of Liboc tulsi is the best way of intestine cleaning and skin and eye care. It removes the impurities of blood and increases the immunity of human body. Scientists have also admitted the medicinal properties of Liboc Tulsi.

Price: ₹ 158/-

Liboc Tulsi has  lot of benefits in fighting against various health problems, relief from stress, prevents premature aging, boost immunity reduces pollution & different infectious conditions. Being rich in antioxidants, offered tulsi drops is known for its anti- cancer properties. It helps in relieving from headache, sore throat, cold, flu, cough and chest congestion. It acts as a detoxifying, cleansing and purifying agent for skin and eye care. Liboc Tulsi has a beneficial effect on mind and body and gives relaxation to mind and body. This is very effective in dental care also.

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