Liboc Caltone

Liboc Caltone Tablet is a unique proprietary formulation designed to maintain healthy bones through optimal calcium and natural mineral supplementation. It is useful in osteoporosis and degenerative conditions of the bones. Liboc Tablets also contains anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredients of Caltone helps reduce bone fragility, improve bone strength & bone mineral density and restore normal composition of bones. Liboc Caltone helps maintain and improve calcium deficiency, bone density etc. Its ingredients are “Kakkutandatvak Bhasma” “Muktashukti Bhasma” “Shankh Bhasma” and “Praval Pishtee” which are one of the best calcium supplements in Ayurveda.

Price: ₹ 98/-

This Tablet helps in improving Calcium deficiency which is mainly caused due to factors like ageing, Vitamin D deficiency and other hormonal changes like the decline in estrogen hormone during menopause. Of all the treatments available for humans, Ayurveda medications are considered as the best remedial measures to uplift the depleting calcium levels in the body. Thus, Liboc Caltone is the best calcium supplement available.

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